10 Must-have Items for Safe Diving

Diving is a thrilling and exhilarating activity, but there are risks involved. To dive safely, you need the best scuba gear possible to protect yourself from danger. This blog will outline 10 items that every diver should have with them when they go into the water.

Dive Snorkel

This is perhaps the most critical item of scuba diving equipment. A snorkel allows you to breathe while swimming, which means that you can swim longer and deeper without having to surface for air.

Dry Suit

This keeps your body completely dry at all times during a dive, even if submerged in water or covered with wet silt (which is why you should never wear gloves or boots with a dry suit).

Diver’s Knife

This tool is used to cut away entanglements (a branch of an overhanging tree etc.), either underwater or on the surface.

Dive Computer

This is used to track your depth and time underwater. It also has decompression capabilities if you are diving deeper than, say, 40 metres, which means that it can monitor how long you have been underwater to ensure that no dangerous gases begin to accumulate in your system.

Dive Compass

This is necessary for navigation underwater. It can be attached to your BCD (buoyancy control device) or wrist, and it points in the direction you are facing so that you don’t get lost during the adventure.

Weight Belt

As its name suggests, this is used to provide extra weight underwater so that you can descend or keep yourself upright without having to use weights attached directly to your body.

Flotation Device

This is used as a backup in the event of an emergency, which means that it will ensure that you remain afloat even if you are unconscious or otherwise unable to swim.

Dry Bag/Case

Just any waterproof container big enough for all your equipment will do here. Still, dry bags specifically have the advantage of being able to be sealed, which means that you can prevent water from getting inside even if it gets dunked in the ocean.

Scuba Tank Regulator

Your scuba tank should always have a regulator attached to this item. It regulates airflow and is always supplied with a pressure gauge to check that the tank is not empty.

Dive Light

This is used for night diving or in dark conditions to illuminate your surroundings.